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Peptide specific antisera

All In One-Service

We realize the complete production of your desired antibodies. To this end, we couple the peptides synthesized by us to an antigenic carrier. This consists of carrier material for the immunization (KLH), a substrate for the detection (OVA) and carrier material to later clean the antibodies or serum.

These bio-conjugates can also be ordered separately from an immunization.

The production of antiserums - the immunization of animals and the production of specific antiserum to determine the titre - is done by our partner company, Seramun.

We are happy to take over the purification of the raw serums on request.

GP-package: Immunization of two guinea pigs
RB-package: Immunization of two rabbits

Our Know-how for your research

Use our comprehensive service: We are happy to help you select the appropriate antigenic peptide sequences free of charge.

We ensure cost efficiency

Impurities in peptides complicate the immunization of antigens in animals and compromise the quality of the antibodies. For the production of antibodies, we use only high-purity peptides and thus ensure cost efficiency in your overall calculation.

Numerous publications worldwide are proof of our success.

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