PSL - Premium peptides for excellent results
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Client-specific peptide syntheses

We offer customized peptides individualised according to your requirements

  • with a length from five to thirty amino acids, for an additional charge and in special cases also up to 100 amino acids
  • from 1mg up to 1g
  • with a purity level of at least 90% up to 95%. Higher purity levels if the client requires

As well as modifications:

  • peptide syntheses with modified amino acids (methylated, phosphorylated, sugar-modified, D-amino acids, stable isotopes and much more)
  • acetylation
  • amide at C-terminus
  • peptide-protein conjugates (KLH, OVA, BSA, Diphtheria toxoid)
  • biotinylation
  • fluorescence marking
  • peptide-fatty acid conjugates
  • peptide-chelator conjugates (DTPA, DOTA, NOTA and much more)
  • peptide-PEG conjugates
  • cyclic peptides (disulphide, “Head to Tail”)
  • branched peptides
  • and much more on request

All our peptides are purified using HPLC and exactly analysed using MALDI mass-spectrometry.

Our experienced staff and the top-class technical equipment of our laboratory including, among other things, theCEM Liberty Blue peptide synthesizer or the continuous flow peptide synthesizers developed by EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) in Heidelberg guarantee the reliable high quality of the peptides synthesised by us.

Would you like advice or a quote? Contact us! We will be glad  to help you.